Internet Access Points

WANI turning common places into Internet Access Points.


What is WANI?

Internet is the core contributing factor of turning the dream of digital India into a reality. And Wi-Fi one of its elements. WANI or Wireless Access Network Interface is the part of the PM WANI scheme. Through it, WANI compliant spaces are searched, and then transformed into Wi-Fi access points. In doing so, common places where people once weren’t able to connect to internet, will now become a place where people would come together, to connect to anything.

Goals of WANI

On 11th of December 2020, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India introduced the PM WANI scheme. Internet has always been a major pain point when it comes to developing a truly digital India. People have started getting access to good internet services but the places where they can get it are still few. To tackle that issue, and to push India further into the dream of digitization, WANI came into existence. The goals of WANI:

  1. Accelerating Internet development across India
  2. Establishing WANI access points.
  3. Letting users register and access internet at WANI points.
  4. Letting service providers establish WANI points without license fee
  5. Ensuring user protection through eKYC mechanism

Elements of WANI

Public Data Office PDO

Element that establishes, maintains and operates WANI access points.

Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA)

Element that aggregates Public Data Offices and oversees authentication and accounting

App provider

Element responsible for providing app through which users can access internet via Wireless Access Network Interface (WANI)

Central Register

Element that aggregates the details about App providers, Public Data Office Aggregators and Public Data Offices.

Access Internet Anywhere

Register. Verify. Access. All it takes are three steps for anyone to access internet via WANI. Here is what goes into it:

1 Register

  • User downloads app
  • User creates profile
  • App searches for WANI compliant Access points
  • Access point requests authentication of the user

2 Verify

  • User authentication starts.
  • User gets verified.
  • User pays for Internet access.
  • User is registered.

WANI registration

Are you an app provider, or someone interested in maintaining the internet running in those shops? If you are, the government has provided a method by which you can register as a PDOA or an App provider. The process involves simple steps including application filing, verification and registration, and the documents required are as follows:

  1. Director KYC
  2. Company Details
  3. Application form for Registration of PDOA / App Provider



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